Have You Given Gifts on One of These 13 Unique Occasions?

There are many great holidays and occasions on which to send delicious baked gifts. For example, on Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, and Easter, our customers show their love by sending our gift boxes full of brownies and cookies to those they love. However, gifting isn’t just something we do on holidays and birthdays—our customers have shown their love on many other unique occasions, and we wanted to share some of those ideas with you.

Here are some of the unique occasions for which our customers gift our baked goods to others:

When life is bitter, make it sweet

Goodbye; I’ll miss you!

An occasion that warrants a generous gift is when it’s time to say goodbye to a colleague who is moving on. He or she may have found another role, is leaving the practice, or is moving away. “Thanks for everything!”

Thinking of you!

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. When we miss someone, modern technology allows us to quickly send an email or a text. But a gift shipped with a message, including treats to enjoy—that is thoughtful because it takes time and energy. A gift like that is tangible. It arrives on the doorstep and helps the receiver really feel that a piece of you has arrived to greet them. Many people send cookies or brownies to children who are in college, to a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend when apart on an anniversary, and when someone has a short-term assignment across the country.

I’m Sorry.

Sometimes saying "sorry" isn't enough and a thoughtful gift is a way to show the person you took more than a second to think about the damage you’ve done. We all do hurtful things such as missing interviews, causing a delay for a client, speaking unkindly, disrupting others’ schedules, and creating inconveniences. Sometimes you have to say sorry in advance, such as apologizing for not being able to make it to an important event. It is human to err, but a sweet apology is divine.

My deepest sympathy.

It’s heartbreaking to see a friend or colleague experience a loss in their family or close circle. The death of a loved one is difficult. Whether your friend has lost a beloved grandmother, a cherished son, an admired mentor, or a playful dog, the grief can cause one forget all enjoyment. Sending them something sweet and lovely reminds them life is good, and can help you show how much you deeply care for them as they go through this hard time.

Make the healing a little sweeter.

Your friend has a broken leg? Sounds like they’ll be watching lots of Netflix now that they have a hard time going out. Make sure they’re tasting our luxuriously rich and chocolatey brownies or sugar cane lime cookies instead of binging on cheese puffs. You can even mention that they're "one tough cookie" in your gift message!

Delicious gratitude

Thank you for hosting me!

Isn’t it great to travel to a new place on vacation or for work? It can be exciting, but also very expensive when you factor in a hotel stay. The luckiest of us have friends who live in that destination and offer free room and board because they’re good friends. It seems natural to give a lovely assortment of cookies to your totally deserving friends. It’s a big deal to have a place to stay, wherever you are.

Thank you for your patience!

Sometimes people go out of their way for us when we have a problem to be solved. Sometimes they’re not just friends, but total strangers. Many people are helped by a person or team associated with a business or non-profit. They find out where these do-gooders are and send them a gift for being a Good Samaritan.

Thank you for speaking.

If you’ve ever run a conference or even just a presentation or panel, you know how difficult it can be to find high-quality presenters and panelists who are willing to make the time to talk with your community, team, or association. A thank you is a must, and is even more impressive if it tastes amazing.

Thank you for being such a great doctor (or nurse).

If you’ve ever sat in a waiting room for 45 minutes, then had a nurse that takes all your data without even once looking into your eyes, then a doctor that never seems to really hear what you are saying, then you know how important a good caregiver is. When that person saves your life and uses their vast knowledge to make your life better—that is priceless! A thoughtful thank you is a drop in the ocean of your gratitude.

Thank you for your hard work!

Managers thanking employees, employees thanking managers. Companies thanking consultants. Business owners thanking contractors. When someone has done exceptional work, when they have gone the extra mile, or when they have helped achieve a milestone, people have felt inspired to show their gratitude with a high-quality, edible treat. Learn more about our business gifts.

Savor the good things in life


The joy of an achievement is augmented by the demonstration of love through a thoughtful gift. Our customers have sent gift boxes to people to congratulate people on new jobs, new homes, a PhD earned, a birthday reached, the birth of a new baby, the launch of a new business, work achievements, weddings, successful surgeries, and the publication of books. There are so many great moments and achievements to celebrate!

Just because.

It’s inspiring to see how many people send gifts “just because”. Whether you’re sending some “therapeutic chocolate” to a friend (like our chocolate chunk brownie nibbler) or some cookies to say thanks for being you, a gift can show appreciation not just in times of achievement, but also at any time. Leave a note that simply says, “Have a great day.”

Here’s to happiness!

There are so many unique occasions to give gifts, and our favorite is when someone gives a gift to give someone a taste of pleasure with a wish for lifelong happiness. Some people wish their friends a happy fall, a happy week, or even a happy day. As one customer puts it, “I have found that no problem in life cannot be made at least a little better by eating a brownie.”

Here’s to your happiness. Find those unique occasions in life and uplift someone with a gift. There’s always an occasion to use as your reason for sending some happiness their way.