Which Snack Best Describes Your Bae?

Who is your bae? This is the person who is Better than Anyone Else (B.A.E.). Your bae could be your love or your BFF, bestie, boyfriend, wife, soulmate—this person exudes quintessential BAE-ness and they’ve got your back like you’ve got theirs. 

Are you still on the hunt for your bae, or have you already found him or her? What are the characteristics you love most about your bae? And if you had to describe your relationship in snack terms, what would be your snack bae?

Consider your frenemies. You’re not sure if they are your friends or your enemies. The kind of snack you need for that type of relationship might be something you grab on the way out the door or shake out of a vending machine that seems to contain more wax and food coloring than you’d like to admit.

However, the snack that would represent the relationship with your bae would be that snack that is there for you for better or for worse, with only the best ingredients. When life gives you lemons, your bae gives you lemon sugar cookies. When you’re craving chocolate, chocolate chunk brownies are there for you. 

Which snack represents your true bae?

The best travel companion

If you can travel with it, then it’s your snack bae. You might go on a hike, attend an outdoor concert, start a road trip, or play tourist in a city and your snack bae will be there for you every step of the way. Individually packaged, your on-the-go snack is dressed for travel. This snack bae is ready to go at a moment’s notice, to join you on adventures from everyday to epic.

Keeps you healthy

Your bae cares about your wellbeing! If your snack bae is a healthy snack, you might like the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. With ingredients like rolled oats, fruit juice, and whole milk, this cookie makes you feel all good inside.


If your bae is that type of snack that likes to take the road less traveled, you may be looking for the Caramel Pecan Brownie. This snack BFF is sweet and nutty. Enjoy while pursuing a new hobby, or going outside your comfort zone, your snack bae is willing to try something completely out of the ordinary. In addition to its contagious weirdness is its sweetness that brightens any dull day. 

Smart and sophisticated

When you’re at work and need to focus, your snack bae knows not to distract with a cat meme (until you’re done, then all bets are off). There might be an hour left until your deadline, and you need your snack bae to keep your blood sugar up while keeping your mind sharp. That’s when Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cookie saves the day. It has brains and elegance. Its unbromated wheat flour has iron and folic acid, while its chocolate is dark and its pink sea salt ads a luxurious flair. 

Makes you laugh

Sweet but tart? That’s how you’d describe the comedic acts of your perfect bae. This snack knows how to add some tangy excitement to bring out the natural sweetness of life. If you’re looking for a giggle and a little bit of pure lemon oil and powdered sugar, the Sweet Lemon Square is your snack bae.

Motivates you

Your bae can get you going in the morning with the right motivation. Whether as an exercise buddy or commute companion, Cranberry Orange Walnut Breakfast Cookie is there for you to jump start your day. Loaded with rolled oats, cranberries, walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, and fruit juice, this cookie wakes you up with flair. 

Finding your bae

If there’s a snack that represents the type of bestie or bae you’re looking for, then it’s highly likely that the human version is out there—the person who is motivating, funny, or simply weird and unique. Love in all its forms (friend, spouse, family, etc.) is a beautiful thing, and everyone (and every relationship) is different. When you find your true bae, share a snack together. You can even send a box that represents what you appreciate about him or her. This could be a gift for your girlfriend, a special present for your wife, or a surprise for your BFF.

What is your true snack bae?!?!