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Deer Favorites Brownie Cookie Collection


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For The Love of Chocolate Gift Tower


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Gift Basket Bonanza


Gluten Free Cookie & Brownie Box

Gluten Free Cookie & Brownie Box


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Gourmet Treats Gift Basket


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Lemon Raspberry Sampler


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Single Serve Party Pack


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Single Serve Sampler


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Spring Basket Gift Assortment


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Spring Cookie Brownie Gift


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Spring Delights Tower


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Supreme Brownie, Cake & Cookie Basket


Dancing Deer medleys are the perfect gourmet gift baskets suitable for any occasion! Our unique gourmet gift baskets combine our best selling gourmet baked goods and package them in elegant and festive gift packaging. Dancing Deer medleys are also ideal business gifts with enough cakes, cookies and brownies to share - and something for every taste!