Use These 4 Flavors in Your Easter Gifts

Are you ready for Easter? Many are getting ready to enjoy time with family and friends and to celebrate as a community. It is also a time of enjoying food and desserts together, of giving gifts such as Easter baskets to those we appreciate and love, and of sharing sweets with colleagues, roommates, siblings, and all the people to whom we’re planning on wishing a Happy Easter.

You might be looking for the perfect Easter gift idea for your coworkers, clients, church community members, neighbors, and your children’s teachers. Think beyond typical Easter candy; while a bag of colorful jelly beans might be good for a kid’s Easter basket. Express your gratitude or love for the grown-ups in your life with baked goods. Delicious cookies, brownies, and cakes are great Easter gift ideas for adults.

You’re searching for delicious baked goods for a variety of reasons. You might want something that will make for a unique Easter gift. You might be looking for a treat that you can bring to Easter dinner. The goal may even be to find a sweet to enjoy at home.

As you look for ways to bring excellent taste to your Easter celebrations, consider these four flavors. Pick one or combine a few of these flavors below and make your recipients feel like spring truly is budding all around them.

Lemon is a Global Favorite

Lemon is a great flavor for the Easter season, no matter where you are in the world. In the northern hemisphere, Easter comes toward the beginning of spring, when the air is still cool and the frost is just leaving. In the southern hemisphere, Easter comes at the beginning of fall, when cool weather starts to set in. Lemon is a great flavor that we use to open the airways, fight against colds, and enliven our senses. Gift a box of sweet lemon squares and you can’t go wrong.

Lemons were a sign of wealth in ancient Rome. People use lemon oil and lemon juice to enjoy its flavor and its scent. Some decorators use the beautiful simplicity of a vase full of lemons as a perfect spring centerpiece. If you want to bring that feeling of Easter and spring into your life and into the lives of your loved ones, bring lemons and lemon-flavored treats!

Lime Says "Spring is Coming!"

When the taste of zesty lime tickles the taste buds, spring is in the air. Lime is a great warmer-weather flavor and its tanginess awakens the senses. You might get a sugar cane lime cookie gift box for your parents, colleagues, or neighbors who deserve a treat that shows how much you appreciate them.

The lime has similar benefits as the lemon, and its flavor has a uniqueness that makes it a good flavor for social events, when you want to bring a little more excitement to the table.

Chocolate is Historic

The quintessential and classic flavor of Easter, chocolate's beautiful, deep color and its rich taste remind us of the joy of celebrating with family and friends. Multiply that feeling times three and bring Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies or even Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk Brownies to your family get-together. A wonderful dessert right after that delicious Easter dinner or a treat to bond over while you watch the kids find their eggs, chocolate is a flavor that can be enjoyed at any time.

Chocolate is a great choice for Easter not just for its flavor, but for its meaning and history. Chocolate was made in Mesoamerica thousands of years ago. In the 1900s, chocolate was considered essential for rations that were sent to U.S. soldiers during World War II. In 1910, chocolate companies refused to buy cacao from plantations characterized by harsh working conditions until things improved. Chocolate represents growth and prosperity, which complements Easter’s focus on rebirth and resurrection.

Almond Brings Sophistication

The almond is a great flavor for Easter because of its symbolism. While the egg and tiny chicks are popular symbols of Easter, seeds also represent rebirth. The birth of a plant and rebirth of spring express the true meaning of the holiday.

In ancient times, almonds were considered one of the “best fruits in the land” (Genesis 43:11), meaning that, like the lemon, the almond is a luxury.

The almond has a mild flavor that many people agree is not too strong or too sweet. This flavor creates a nice balance against the sugary candies that are usually shared during the Easter season. If you are attending an Easter brunch or after-church mingle, a great cake to bring is the Cranberry Almond Pound Cake. Something like this is a thoughtful balance for people seeking more sophisticated baked goods.

Choose One Flavor or Combine Flavors

Which of these flavors is your favorite? If you can’t decide on a favorite, combine two flavors. Lemon and lime are a powerful duo. Almond and chocolate soothe the senses. Lime and chocolate add some pep to your step. If you are looking for a way to show some love to the important people in your life, browse our Easter gifts for more ideas.