The Molasses Clove Cookie Story

Our Molasses Clove Cookie is the core of our wonderful family of baked goods. It was the first (of many) of our cakes and cookies to be honored with the food industry’s equivalent of the Oscars in 1998. More importantly, it seems to be a universally loved cookie, even from folks who don’t care for molasses or clove.

It all started with a bakery buyer for what was then Bread & Circus, a New England retail chain and pioneer in the natural foods movement. She requested that we make a homey, seasonal cookie for the December holidays in 1996. We thought it would be good for a month. We were very wrong. It turned into a whole company. But we were really right about something else. In the early days, when we occupied a former pizza parlor, we used to say,

“Don’t bake mad it will ruin the cake!”

Truly. We translated the inverse of this thought into our operating philosophy.

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