Founders And Farmers

At Dancing Deer Co., we strive for excellence in everything we do. Because we believe in the principles of purity and freshness in food, we chose to make a perishable product without preservatives.


Dancing Deer Co. was founded on the principles of passion for food, appreciation for nature, and having an eye for aesthetics. Our original founders were a trio of enterprising women: Suzzane Lombardi, a theoretical physicist and business strategist, Trish Karter, a nature and environmental enthusiast, and Ayis Antoniou, a businesswoman who enjoys cooking. All three women have since moved on to new endeavors, but their founding principles remain with the company.

Dancing Deer began in 1994 as a small corner bakery in West Roxbury, MA. Suzanne Lombardi, the theoretical physicist who helped start it all, proposed the name Dancing Deer after taking inspiration from an antique store in Bar Harbor, Maine that was owned by her grandmother.


Sourcing high-quality, clean ingredients is tantamount to the Dancing Deer mission. We choose to work with only with farmers and suppliers who are committed to eco-friendly and sustainable land practices and cultivation methods. Over the years, we have built invaluable relationships with farmers across the US who meet these requirements, ensuring our baked goods are always made from the highest-quality non-GMO ingredients.